Just 99 miles to go

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Getting stuff together.

So judy bought me a few pair of "basketball" shorts.  these are supposed to be what is the preferable were when recouping form a TKR.  She also took care of the medical equipment i'll be getting and she had her sister pick up a recovery package from a pharmacy.
It seems that there is a lot of stuff you need. Ice packs, laxatives, 5lb weights, etc.  The medical center got some chain pharmacy to get all these items togather and sell them as a package. 
Since julie lives up that way (near annapolis) she picked it up for us.  it ended up costing us $75.  I don't know if we got a deal or not.

Getting closer. 4 days.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Final step, pre surgery nurse meeting.

I thought I was just going in to sit at a desk and have the nurse go over my results and give me last minute directions but I ended up getting xrays done.
The doc wanted one for measurements so it had to be of the whole leg. Hip to ankle.
they had to try 3 times to get in the whole thing.  My being tall was a problem for them.  The way they were having problems you'd think I was 7 ft tall instead of just 6'3".

I got some wipes that I'm supposed to clean myself with 2 days before surgery. Something to cut down on bacteria and I got a prescription for an ointment I'm supposed to swab in by nose 3 days before surgery. Also to get rid of bacteria.  Other than that not much to tell .

I get a call the day before surgery (Wednesday) with my time to show up for the surgery.
Thats kind of annoying.  I don't know weather it'll be 7am or 2 pm.


Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Pre Anestesia testing.

Instead of going to my primary doc, I went to the testing center at the medical center I'm getting the leg done.
Much more convientant and alot faster.
I did run into a hiccup as the lost my urnine sample.
I got a call and had to go back in there to give them another.  They had found it by the time I went in but it needed to be "fresh". They did give me some vouchers for the food courts for my trouble.
They took blood, urine, and did an EKG. The blood results were posted up that evening .
There's no way my primary doc's office would have gotten the results that quickly .
I didn't  know what most of the tests were but my numbers fell within the range of normal that they had also given.

Next step is pre surgery nurse meeting.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Final dentist appt.

Finally done.  The last step to get my dental clearance.  Got a cleaning done.  It was pretty fast and easy.  Although I needed 3 root canals and 2 cavities filled by teeth were actually pretty clean. No build up.  I wanna know how I can have no build up but still get cavities?
She cleaned, doctor signed my paper and I was outta there.  That will be the last that quack sees of me.  After forgetting to give me antibiotics and one of my temporary fillings already fell out he won't see me again.  Judy already lined up someone else for else to go to for us to go to in the future.

Next step, pre surgery general screening.  Monday May 21st.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Knee replacement class.

Had my required class joint replacement class at the medical center.  I didn't learn much have that I haven't already learned off the internet.  Judy went with me as my "coach".  She took about a whole page of notes.  I've never been much of a note taker.  If its interesting enough to write down, I'll probly be able to remember it.  I did learn I'd need a catheter. I've never had one but from what I hear they are no fun.  so far thats the only thing I'm worried. about.
I'm glad she went with me though.  Medical stuff bores me to death and she tends to remember the little details that I missed or will forget.  And since she's my wife and worried about me, she tends to ask alot of questions and get all the details ahead of time.  I'm more of a "go with flow" type of person.  I thought that I'd be the youngest person in there but not so much.  There was actually somebody younger than me and most of the persons were only a little bit older than me.  I felt like I was with "my people " .  Everybody walked with a limp or wierd gait or were fidgeting in there seats or standing up to relieve our stiff achy joints.

Next step, final dentist appt to get my clearance.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Dentist appt 2.

2nd dentist appointment today.
Oh ,1st my tale about the 1st visit.
Mouth is sore after the 1st 2 root canals. Starts to feel a little better after a day than it starts to hurt alot.  Finally after 5 days my whole jaw is throbbing. 
The stupid ass doctor was supposed to give me anibiotics, which he didn't do.
I called there office and they sent in a prescription. After 24 hours the pain goes way down.
By this morning it was about gone.
After I get this guy to sign off on my medical release, he will never see me again.

2nd vist.
Got 2 cavities filled and 1 root canal.
he had a hell of time with the root canal.
I'm not sure what was going on but it took him a long time.

Befoe he'll sign my form I still have to go back and have a cleaning.
Christ! Just sign the damn form already.
Hasn't he made enough money off of me.


Friday, April 20, 2018

Dentist appt for clearance.

So I'll elaborate a little on this.
I go in there expecting it to be no big deal. I know I have some cavities but my mouth feels fine. I'm thinking he'll look at the mouth . Tell me about the cavities, and than fill the form out for me.

They take xrays and his assistant says something about needing root canals and the doctor not signing the form till they're done.  he comes in a little later to confirm.

Things that go through my head
-this guy don't take our insurance. its going to cost a fortune.
-is it too close to surgery date to get the root canals done? Will this mean surgery needs to be post poned.
-do i have time enough to find a dentist who takes our insurance?

Before I get out of there they give me an estimate for the procedures. $3400 which doesn't include crowns which can be done later.  I know I'll be paying deductible later for the actaul TKR but I sure wasn't counting on this.

So to cut it short, everything is working out.
-the doctors NOW DOES take out insurance.  My better half did all the leg work for me and took care of the paperwork.  Instead of $3400, it might cost me a grand.  I had 2 of the canals done yesterday and it only cost me $214. That I can handle.
-so long as I have it done 14 days before surgery (5-31) I'm ok.

I go next thursday to get the rest of the dental work done.

Its probly been 6-10 years since I've seen the dentist.  Not again.  Now that we have insurance and I'm getting older I will be taking care of my teeth.
I will be seeing him atleast once a year and I'm going to start using that expensive mouth wash that has floride in it. 

saw the new doctor

Oh boy. If I keep this up I might as well quit.
I saw the new doctor. He agreed with needing a TKR.
He has a whole team for the procedure. Not like Bauk who wanted to to it in a out paitent surgery center and left it completely up to me to get releases.
It will happen at the Anne Arrundel Coutny Medical Center (AAMC).
I got a 17 page instruction manual with things to get done and name and numbers of his team members who I'm to get in touch with.
Surgery is set for May 31,2018.
Things to get done.
1. pre surgery pt appt.  To guage me know and give me exercises to strengthen mucscle. DONE. Had the appointment on 4-18.
2. Get dental release. Oh that was a clusterfuck. Originally saw dentist on 4-13. Before he'll release I need 3, yes 3 root canals and a cavity filled.  I got 2 of the root canals yesterday (4-19) and have appt next thursday to get the other items done. 
3.  Take a joist replacement class.  Thats set for 5-14-18. It said my "coach" should come so Judy plans on going with me.  I think I go in there and they go over whats going to be done, show us the differnt areas (surgery, recovery, PT) and tell us what we can expect.
4. Pre surgery medical release.  He said I could use my primary physician or use the testing center that is attached to the AAMC. Since I haven't seen my primary in 4 years and I'm not fond of him anyways I'm using their testing center.  Thats set up for 5-21-18.  They'll test for virus's, give me an EKG  and blood work.
5. Final history and physical appt. I meet with the final nurse about a week before surgery. She goes over my medical history and makes sure I've completed the previous 4 items.  This is scheduled for 5-23-18.