Just 99 miles to go

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Don't stop now.

Ok, been almost 2 weeks.
Got to keep this up.
Did 2.5 laps at the Rose last weekend (27 miles).
As long as I can keep pushing my limits a little bit, I'll be happy.
As long as when next spring rolls around I don't have to start from zero.

I'm fighting a problem with my fork right now.  After I'd changed the oil in it, it decided to start losing air pressure on rides.  Rebuilt it again. Its losing less air, but still a little on each ride.

Daylite is starting to wane in the evenings.  Its hard getting out after work.
I put the road bike in the basement on the trainer getting ready for those evening netflix riding sessions.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

out with the roadies

Joined the "fab brew crew" on a Tuesday night road ride.
I haven't ridden with a group of roadies in long time. On the prompting of my "friends" I went out with the "A".  It was only 21 miles so I thought I could hang.
I was wrong.
I'm definately a strong "B" rider.
We passed the B group about 12 miles in and I'd had enough. I defected to the B's.
Rode at the back for a few minutes than realized how slow some of them were.
I ended up passing 95% of the b group and hung with the 2 guys off the front.
Me and the lead guy ended up being the 1st of the b's in.
17.8 mile average to end the ride.
My solo road rides (between 24&35 miles) usually average 16.5 mph so they pushed me out of my comfort zone.
Mission accomplished.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Ho hum.

After work rides are getting hard.
Sunset at 7:20
9-11-14 1 lap at rose -started with julius but he broke his rear d.
9-12       20 miles at cedarville
9-14       15 miles at the rose. Medium ride with the road riders "fab brew crew". I mostly road with Randy Roads and we kept a pretty good pace. Good to see some old buddies. Sue,Barry, Chris and Dennis.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

The only blogger left. 9-4-2014

Ok, now that everyones on facebook or tweeting each other I can do posts the way I really want to do them. No spell checking and just the facts for my future reference.
Why pick it back up now?
Last weekend was labor day weekend and the shenandoah mt 100 mtb race.
I wanted to be there so badly so I've decided next year will be my comeback.
I turn 50 next year so what better way to celebrate.

I spent some time going over my previous posts to see what I did to get ready, what I might have done right/wrong.  So glad I didn't do like alot of people and delete the blog when I stopped posting.

Did a little updating to the blog. Added link for all the races I entered and updated the timer.

I got a whole year to get ready.  Only goal is to finish. I didn't want my last time at the race to be a DNF so "here we go again".

Bicycle fitness wise I suck.
22 miles at Rosaryville leaves me ragged and my longest road ride this whole year was 40 miles.
Atleast I didn't gain the wieght back . I fluctuate between 214 and 220. Usually around 215 most days.

I did do 28 miles at St.Marys lake last weekend and didn't feel too bad afterwards though I did catch "chiggers" again. Nastly little buggers that bite the shit outta my ankles and leave me alot of little bumps.

Next post- more details of what I'm up to.

Monday, March 19, 2012

I haven't worked at the bike shop since last October.
They left it as they weren't busy enough for me to worry to about it.
I've got a few rides on the bikes and starting to think about maintenace.
It was so easy when I worked at the shop.
Cheap parts, all the tools I needed (usually).

Its spring and I know they're busy but I'm not doing it.
Job #1 is busy as shit, I'm putting in 45+ hours a week.
I don't feel like leaving job #1 just to go work on hybrids or road bikes for 3 hours.

Damn I'm going to miss that discount though. 
Guess I gotta buy my own bike stand now.
You know what the shops are charging for tubes?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Back in the saddle.

I've gotten out twice to see how I'm going to do.
Saturday I did an "epic" of  2 laps at Rosaryville that just about killed me.
1st lap went ok. I was dragging ass on the 2nd though.
Still had flat pedals on, so I didn't do anything technical.
I can't hop logs worth a crap without clipless pedals.

Tuesday after work, same deal but I had clipless back on.
Did a 49 minute lap on my 1st round.  Not shabby considering my average fast times last year were 46.
The bad news is that the shoulder is going to be a factor in my riding.
I'd feel twinges whenever I hopped logs or tried to pull up on the bars while cranking up a hill.
By the time I was done, it was pretty sore.
Did a 2nd lap and finished up barely in time to make it out without getting caught in the dark.

I'm getting there.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

I'm going to do a race.

Not that I expect to do anything, but its motivation to start some real riding again.
The 1st race I ever did was a 12 hour-3 man relay race at Quantico marine base.
I answered an "AD" from a guy named Brad on the MORE  site.
We ended up finishing 3rd in the beginner category...Go team.
This was waaaaay back, atleast 5 years ago, maybe more.

So he emails me outta the blue and wants to know if I wanna be the 3rd member of his team for the 9 hour relay race at Rocky Gap State park. 
I'm not going to lie.  I'm in the crappiest shape I've been in 3 years. But hey I can do a 9 mile lap then repeat 90 minutes later.
Plus if I remember correctly, Brad was the slow guy back then and I doubt he's gotten alot  faster.
The race is May 5th.  2 months is plently of time to get in just good enough shape where I could pull laps faster than Brad and not be the "slow" guy.

Health news.
-Knee-so far this year it hasn't given me any problems.  I'm pretty sure its because I haven't done a damn thing  to stress it.  I'm worried that once I up my riding intensity, it'll go out.  We'll see.
-Shoulder- Its been 12 weeks since surgery. I had another follow up this morning.  Doc said I could resume all normal activities.  He told me that since the repair wasn't done completely If I try to go heavy with the weightlifting it'll hasten the deterioration of the shoulder and step up how quickly I'd need to go to the next step. (joint replacement.).
-weight- don't really care but about 225.