Just 99 miles to go

Monday, March 19, 2012

I haven't worked at the bike shop since last October.
They left it as they weren't busy enough for me to worry to about it.
I've got a few rides on the bikes and starting to think about maintenace.
It was so easy when I worked at the shop.
Cheap parts, all the tools I needed (usually).

Its spring and I know they're busy but I'm not doing it.
Job #1 is busy as shit, I'm putting in 45+ hours a week.
I don't feel like leaving job #1 just to go work on hybrids or road bikes for 3 hours.

Damn I'm going to miss that discount though. 
Guess I gotta buy my own bike stand now.
You know what the shops are charging for tubes?


ChrisJ said...

Ha, welcome welcome. I haven't bought anything from Bike Line. Cheaper online. Ebay.com

ChrisJ said...

Is this thing on......