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Thursday, September 04, 2014

The only blogger left. 9-4-2014

Ok, now that everyones on facebook or tweeting each other I can do posts the way I really want to do them. No spell checking and just the facts for my future reference.
Why pick it back up now?
Last weekend was labor day weekend and the shenandoah mt 100 mtb race.
I wanted to be there so badly so I've decided next year will be my comeback.
I turn 50 next year so what better way to celebrate.

I spent some time going over my previous posts to see what I did to get ready, what I might have done right/wrong.  So glad I didn't do like alot of people and delete the blog when I stopped posting.

Did a little updating to the blog. Added link for all the races I entered and updated the timer.

I got a whole year to get ready.  Only goal is to finish. I didn't want my last time at the race to be a DNF so "here we go again".

Bicycle fitness wise I suck.
22 miles at Rosaryville leaves me ragged and my longest road ride this whole year was 40 miles.
Atleast I didn't gain the wieght back . I fluctuate between 214 and 220. Usually around 215 most days.

I did do 28 miles at St.Marys lake last weekend and didn't feel too bad afterwards though I did catch "chiggers" again. Nastly little buggers that bite the shit outta my ankles and leave me alot of little bumps.

Next post- more details of what I'm up to.

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