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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Surgery is set to go.

Got the surgery for the torn rotor cuff set up for Novemeber 23, the day before Thanksgiving.  Guess who won't be carving the turkey this year.
When the nurse suggested the date, initially I didn't like the idea but after some thought, it'll work out for work.
The day before holidays are always slow and I've got 4 full days off before I gotta go back.
Been trying to take care of stuff that I won't be able to do with 1 arm.
Changed the oil in the vehicles, did some yard work etc.
Last thing I want to do this weekend is crawl up on the roof and adjust my satellite dish.

I had the pre-op meeting with my Doc yesterday.  They've got to drill into bone to place the sutures. He tells me "sometimes" the drill bits break and rather than dig them out they leave them in there.
Atleast he's honest and up front with that.
What do I care?  I'm sure I've got a crap load of debris floating around in me from my days in construction.

Health update:
Hell, just to keep track of where I'm at.
Right around #215.  Last time I had surgery, despite sitting on my ass most of the time and satisfying my craving for kettle cooked bbq potatoe chips, I actually lost weight.
Muscle atrophy?  I don't know.
I'll see what happens this time.

Hopefully the weather will cooperate and I can get 1 last spin on the Mt. bike at Cedarville this weekend.


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