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Thursday, November 24, 2011


Atleast it wasn't my fault.
Show up at 6 for my 7 am rotor cuff surgery.
I'm all set, ready to be in a sling and have my daily routine turned upside down for the next 2 months, atleast.
(I've been in an armcast before, maybe I won't be in a cast this time but still down to 1 arm. It sucks)
I wake up from the anestethia. 
I remember something about bad news???
Well atleast I'm not dead, or am I?
Is my wife really a ghost whisperer?
Just kidding.
Private joke for the wife, she loved that show.

From what I've been able to gather from my wife,what I remember of what the doctor said and my own deduction-
The rip in the rotor cuff is old, the recent injury must have just aggrivated it and caused pain.
Because of the age of the tear and the poor condition of the neighboring muscle, the doc couldn't do the procedure as he had planned.
Bassically he cut me open in 3 spots, had a look around and got scared off.

He wants to get togather with another doc in his practice who's a "speciallist" and get his assistance in doing a repair with a different type of procedure.

I'm going in to see him next week, to get the stiches out and talk to him while not doped up, to get a better idea of what going to happen.

If I don't like the way he talks I'm looking into getting another orthopedic doc.
I need somebody who specializes is athletes. Now that I think about it, his office is always full of old people.


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