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Friday, December 09, 2011

Post-pre surgery.

Got the 2nd surgery set up for dec 13.
In my post op appt with the doc I got a few things straight.
All my shoulder muscles are in good shape except for the tendon that is ripped.
Its not attached, hence no blood flow.
No matter how much I try to exercise, its not going to grow.

The Doc said he isn't a "specialist" in shoulders. His specialty is knees and hips.
He is bringing in a specialist to do or assist, I'm not sure which with the surgery.

It's going to be interesting trying to x-mas shop and wrap presents with the arm in a sling.

I got out for an easy ride at the Rose with Doc,Barry, and Matt last Sunday.
Beautiful day  in the 60's.
I could ride as long as I purposely put little or no pressure on the right arm.
It kinda makes you more effecient.  You end up using the legs more and relying less on your upper body for momentum.

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