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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Lets see where this goes.

Not much has been going on since the beginning of September.
Riding went way down.  A lot because I got burnt out from riding, and when I really did want to ride I've been having problems with the shoulder.  It hasn't been bad enough where I "couldn't" ride.  Its just bad enough where it made riding less enjoyable.
I've been trying to bulk back up by hitting the weights and the shoulder is holding that back too.
2 months after the injury and its not better. Ok, I go and see my orthopedic doctor. The injury happened back in the 2nd week of August.
After a few range of motion ,strength tests, and x rays he thinks I've got a torn rotor cuff.
Thats a new one for me. 
He sends me to get an MRI. I've gotta wait a week for that and than can't get an appt with him for a week after that. 
I go to the MRI expecting to just to be put inside the "tube".  These buttheads tell me they've got to inject some crap into into my shoulder.  I didn't come prepared for all that.
Anyways, they give me a disk (CD) with the images from the MRI.  I can't wait a week to hear the prognosis from the doc so I load the disk up and look at the images myself.
As far as I can tell, I'm 5 months pregnant.......

Back to the doc yesterday, finally.
He tells me "yup, you've got a BIG tear, we'd better schedule surgery ASAP".
No "lets try physical therapy" or "wait and see what happens".
Fucker just wants to cut me open.

I've had surgery on the arm before. I had a torn biceps tendon fixed 11 years ago(from what I understand its a common injury among baseball pitchers. I didn't play baseball, just lifted really heavy things too fast).
It wasn't fun, and from what I've read this sounds like a pretty similar.
6 weeks in a sling, and than another 6 before I'll be able to fully use it.
Damn thing was feeling pretty good when I walked in his office.

 I told him I'd have to talk to the wife and see whats going on at work before we schedule anything.
He says he'll give the info to his surgical coordinator and she'll call with a date. If it doesn't  work , let her know.  Pushy bastard.  The recession must be hitting him too.  Needs to make that Mercedes payment.

So, for a while the blog content will go from "Why I'm so Slow on  a Bike" to "Why is Tom Picking his Nose with His Left Hand".

Bonus Info
SM100 Content.  
I feel better now about not being able to man handle my bike on some of the hike-a-bike stuff during the race.  Give me a break, I had a torn rotor cuff.
Oh yeah, I'm going to milk this for all its worth.

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ChrisJ said...

Hope it heals up man. So I guess this means shuffle board and mini golf in 2012 for you..........