Just 99 miles to go

Monday, August 15, 2011

Who am I kidding-shoulder still sucks.

I'll be lucky if I can pull a 13 hour finish  labor day weekend.
What a crap weekend for the training.
Rest night in prep of what will come tomorrow, as of Friday was nothing.
Normally I would have went into the bike shop to work, but the shoulders still hurts.
I couldn't even lift the bikes down from the ceiling hooks if I wanted to.

No goods rides materialized. Randy did ask me about Rosaryville but I was out there 5 hours last weekend and Wednesday night.  I decide on a RR but I'm not doing a century.  Take off with some bottles on a different route.  End up with 65 miles with a 16.4 average.  I'm not feeling good about this at all.  I had a headwind alot of the time but still the hills were kicking my ass. I just can't put out any intensity.   I was going to extend the ride longer but the shoulder was really starting to get sore. 
Later as I'm sitting on the couch with the shoulder throbbing at me, I'm not so sure I should have ridden any.
I can ride but its still stressing the shoulder. 

Woke up to rain. Heavy rain.
I wanted to go into the shop, but.....you guessed it.
As I sit her at the computer I've got to lift the right arm up with the left to put my hand on the mouse.
It was like that yesterday.
Basically, sat around the house all day doing nothing, oh wait, I did finish truing my wheel up and fiddled with the bike.  Around 6 I felt so guilty I went downstairs and got on the trainer for an hour.  That went Ok.

2 weekends left to get in big rides, less than 20 days and I swear the more I ride the slower I'm getting.
I'm not too worried about the shoulder, in a few more days it will be back to somewhat normal.
The weight is still at 206. 
I better check out my lights to see what kind of burn time I can get out of the 2 year old battery.
I'll be needing it at the 100.  Its fun finishing up in the dark anyways.

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ChrisJ said...

No riding here. Picked up my bike though.