Just 99 miles to go

Friday, August 12, 2011

I hate being associated with these type of people.

An article someone sent to me through the Oxon Hill Bicycle Club list server.
I didn't read the article but it starts out like this..
"I'm thinking about switching my daily commute from four wheels to two. But I'm concerned about all the energy it takes to manufacture and ship a new bicycle. How many miles would I need to substitute a bike for my car before I've gone "carbon neutral"?"

It must be nice to go through life with so few problems that you concern yourself with shit like this.
I'd love to see the look on there face when I tell them about how I drive 3 hours in my truck just to ride my bike.

Fuck'n treehuggers.


ChrisJ said...

I commute daily out of DC into Va. I could care less what my carbon footprint is. I just hate driving in DC and paying for gas. Plus its getting me fit.

Tom said...

Commuting's fine. I'd do it if I weren't so lazy. How much carbon goes into the manufacturing of bike though? Unreal. I bet the author also voted for the current white house idiot too.