Just 99 miles to go

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lets see how screwed up a ride I can do.

Tuesday was a dud.  I ended up on the trainer. Don't ask how.
I really hate that thing. The most I could muster was 17 mph in spurts, and I quit after 55 minutes.

So I go out to Rosaryville Wednesday. Wanna make up for last nights suck-fest.
Doc shows, then Laura and Billy.
Good, the fast group.  Somebody who'll push me so I don't slack off.
1/8 mile in I ride through a small branch/vine thats growing into the trail, that SOB had thorns on it.
Ripped a cut in the bridge of my nose, now I'm got blood flowing down my face.
A mile later we're climbing a  small hill, I'm standing mashing lightly.
I'm not sure if my grips turned on me, or what happen but my right shoulder collapses and I'm down.
I get up and can barely get my arm above my head.
Doc checks me over and says nothing is broke.
In doubt, I go ahead and continue the ride.
I was actually riding kind of good.  I couldn't use the shoulder a whole lot so I used more body english and the legs to do all the work.
Finished the 1st lap (no inner loop).
By the time we finally got out for the 2nd lap we had to cut it short cause of lack of daylite.
See previous post.
So 2 wounds and only 1-1/2 laps, AND the pace wasn't that fast.
Like I said before, if your training its usually better to go out by yourself.

Pretty sure the shoulder will be fine in a day or two.  I screwed it up like this before at the beach playing in the waves.

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