Just 99 miles to go

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Finally, under 30 days.

Less than a month, 29 days.
I'm more excited this year than last (is it any wonder). This year, no family issues to worry about just normal work bullshit and my wife bugging me about replacing the carpet in the house.
Wasn't that damn deck supposed to give me a hall pass for the summer?  No bugging me about anything till after labor day.
Got out to the Rose last night and did 2 lap of the exterior loop.  19 miles at pretty good clip.
1st time back on the bike since Sunday, everything felt refreshed and good.
Went to the shop afterward and rebuilt my WTB laserdisc hub. Real easy job, took me about 40 minutes being careful but I could do it again in 10 minutes.  I ended up with a whole new cassette carrier including bearings.  I  thought the whole kit was over kill but noticed last night that the out bound bearing was shot, so it worked out.
My 36 tooth cassette came in so I picked that up.  I'll put it on a wheel tomowrow evening.  Putting on a cassette is an "at home job".
I've got a training ride planned Saturday on part of the SM100 course and want to give it a shot.
I've been looking at this cassette as using it for granny-gearing and maybe staying on the bike longer before I walk, but now I'm thinking it might keep me in the middle ring longer on the climbs.  There's just a mental block I have.  Once I drop the chain down onto the small ring, it usually stays there till I really need to go back to the middle or higher.

No weight update.  I'm kind of afraid to get on the scale.

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