Just 99 miles to go

Sunday, August 07, 2011

From "Can't wait" to "Meh".

That describes my weekend plans.

Originally I was supposed to meet Rob and Pat down @ Todd lake on Saturday to ride some of the race course on Saturday. By Friday that got changed to riding Wolf Gap (Va-Wva border) with Pat. Just as fun, but a little less driving. Probably a little better than our original plans.
Friday evening I installed my new 36 tooth cassette and made sure the gear was ready to go for my early Saturday drive down to I81 in VA.
I call Pat @ 6AM to check about the weather forecast.  There calling for a 80% chance of rain and thunderstorms by 11am.  I've never been caught in a thunderstorm out there, but I have been caught in the rain and I don't want to repeat it, and neither did Pat.  So that was out.
I went back to bed and woke up about 8:30.  I checked my phone and Pat had called me back 15 minutes afte I talked to him about another ride choice that sounded good.  Of course that was 2 hours ago.
Missed out on that!

So.....I sure didn't fell like road riding.  I'm beginning to despise asphalt. 
Down to Rosaryville.....again.
Did 4 laps a month ago, that means technically I've gotta do 5 today.
Uhgggg.  Not much better than a road ride.
Later, I'm on  my 3rd lap wondering if I can evan start a 4th lap. Bored,bored,bored.
Finish my 3rd, eat a snickers. If I leave now I'm just going to do nothing worthwhile rest of day.
Finish my 4th lap, the snickers must have kicked so went ahead and did my 5th lap.
Mission accomplished.  I actually could have kept riding but it was getting later in the afternoon and I remembered a few years ago when I did 7 laps and STILL DNF'd at the SM100. 
I got in my 5 hours of riding (ok 4:57 but close enough). 
53.7 miles.  Good enough.
Of course the Rosaryville marathon wasn't a good test of the new 36 tooth cassette, but it did shift fine.  I was a little worried about my rear derailer working with the larger cog.

My ass hurts. I walked outside at 8am and the humidity was at 5,000,000%.  Screw the slow guys ride at Cedarville. I'm taking the morning off. (Note to self: Wear different shorts for the race. The price point shorts suck).  Maybe I'll do a RR later in the evening.
Go to the bike shop.  I wanna work on my bike a little but go ahead and work for "the man" for a few hours first.  Pay for that new bottom bracket that I need.
I did install a new bottom bracket, and worked on my Stans flow wheel. I replaced most of the alloy nipples with brass. The alloy were breaking off randomly for no apparent reason.  I know I just added weight doing that, but your talking to a guy who uses Snickers as training food. 
I never did get out on that evening RR, we got t-stoms in.

Healthfront-clyde status is in less jeopardy than it was last week.  Sunday night I'm at 209.


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ChrisJ said...

Brass nipples sir and you haven't gone to bibs yet? I just got in my Bike Line bibs...about damn time.