Just 99 miles to go

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

3 days out. Got the race brief.

Spent some time downloading some songs to put on the mp3 player.
I want some "fresh" music to listen to for the road sections of the race.
Each song that got considered for the mp3 player had to pass a test.
"How would this song make me feel at 57 miles". 
Slow songs got thrown out of the contest immediately. I'm a big fan of heavy metal, but on the bike when I'm tired I'm looking for high energy.
Yes, there's some techno on there. 
I discovered a band from the 70's "Sweet". You might remember they did "Little Willy".  I download some of there other stuff and it was good.  They went on.
Off went Andrew Golds "Lonely Boy" and something by "Kesha" went on.
I've only got 2 gib of memory so things had to go to make room for the new.
I think I'm all set in the music department. Now watch me leave it home charging on the computer.

Got the SM100 race brief.  Not alot of new stuff on it.  Sounds like they relocated AS2.  Everything else is pretty much same as last year. 

I'd planned on going to the Rose for a ride last night, but something was wrong with my mom's a/c.  Shit.
Am I ever going to be able to ride again before the race? 
Went over there after worked and fixed it, well got it working. 
By the time I got home I only had time to get on the trainer for 30 minutes.  I pushed as hard as I could for 30 minutes trying to keep the pace consistant.  "Fight Club" was the choice for tonights motivation. "What the 1st rule of Fight Club?"

The chance of t-storms during the race went up to 40% from 30% overnight.  Oh boy.  I didn't plan for "riding in rain" music.  I might have to make modifications to my playlist.


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