Just 99 miles to go

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

4 days 21 hours.

Not alot to report on.
Was supposed to work at the shop tonight, I skipped it.
It was beautiful outside.  Eric called for an impromptu trailwork at Rosaryville to clean up from the hurricane.
I walked around for 2 hours with Greg and his son kicking sticks off of the trail and moving a few downed trees.
It really wasn't all that bad for just having been through a hurricane.
We did tackle one log that should have been left for somebody with a chainsaw.
It was 20" in diameter and sitting up off the ground. We'd each chop away for 2 minutes than trade off.
Chopping up logs is harder than you think.

Got home and played with my rechargeable camping lantern.
The POS is dead.  Opened it up and took and the lead acid battery after letting it charge overnight.
Supposed to be 6-7 volts.  Its only reading 3v.
No lantern at this years sm100 campsite.

Weights hovering around 206. 

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