Just 99 miles to go

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Shakedown ride.

Went over to the Rose for a shakedown ride before the weekend just to keep the legs fresh and see how the bike does since its tuneup.  Right off I'm getting some chain skipping.  I can't tell weather its coming from the front or back.
Stand up on 1 one small hill, the chain skips and I'm thrown forward and rack "the boys" on the top tube.
Ooh that hurt, and pissed me off.
Stop to adjust the rear D to see if that helps.
I think it helped?
Stand up and mashing up another hill, it skips again and this time I go over the bars.
I'm glad no one was around to hear the quantity or quality of curse words that came out.
If I do say so myself, I do a fine job of joining curse words togather to really express myself.
I do rest of the ride in big ring now to see if its the middle ring.
Sure enough, no more skipping. 
Now I'm kinda ticked off cause I just replaced the middle ring back in May.  Freak'n Shimano xt crap.
4 months of service out of a damn middle ring?  Bullshit.
When I ordered the last ring at the shop they ordered a 2nd to keep there for stock. Luckily they hadn't sold it yet. I took it home and installed it.
I'll do another shake down ride tonight and see what happens.


ChrisJ said...

Check out the Blackspire rings. Thats what I replaced the high dollar XTR rings on mine with before I hacked up my crankset. Good stuff and cheap shifts fine.

Tom said...

Good find, but with my shop discount if we don't stock them its cheaper to go with the xt for me.