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Monday, August 22, 2011

2 weeks out-weekend update

Not really a weekend update as I didn't do anything worth while on Friday or Sunday.
So just a normal Saturday ride update.
Met up with my "original" Shenandoah Mt. 100 training partner, Pat for a ride down in the Wolfgap area of Va/West Va.  Pat introduced me to Wolf Gap the year I did my 1st SM100  in 2007(in which I'd dnf'd), and he did some pre-rides of the course with me back then.  I think this is the 1st time I've ridden with him since then.
I could never figure out why he let me ride with him, he was alot quicker than me and did alot of waiting.

I meet him in Manassas and he drives us down.
Pat is now riding a hartail. This is ironic cause when I 1st started riding with him, he'd give me grief about riding a hardtail out there.  He'd tell me it wasn't a good idea,blah,blah,blah.  Now he's on one.
I'm not sure of exactly where we parked or of the names of where we rode.  I had my GPS  but it turned itself off 3/4 of the way through the ride. You can see it in the link below of what it did get.
Most of the ride
Don't know why it cut off, weak batteries.
The 1st section of single track we came too I did remember from previous rides up there.  Before it had been 50% hike a bike for me. Today, it was 95% rideable.
This was an exploratory ride, Pat wanted to try to link up some different trails.
A few noteworthy items
-one of the descents ended up being a hike. That sucks having to climb and than having to hike the descent.
-we had to back track on 2 dirtroads.  I didn't have the topo maps for that area loaded into my GPS. It would have helped.  They're on it now.
-I pinch flatted on a down hill when Pat had me go ahead.  Once again, the tube in my seat pack had a hole worn in it.  I took one of Pats spare tubes.  Had my 1st injury as the CO2 cartridge got so cold it stuck to my skin and ripped some flesh off.
- Accidently shifted into the big ring-big cog combo. My chain was just long enough to shift up into it, than completely lock the drive train up.  The chain was stretched so tight I couldn't evan turn the cranks.  Broke it apart and put in a quick link. I still need to take a good look at the rear derailer and see if its damaged.
-Ran out of water.  I told yall I drank alot.  I had started with a whole 100oz CB and 1 25oz bottle.  Pat took pity on me and shared his. He still had 1/3 of his CB full. Somebody wasn't hydrating enough.
-I actually kept up with Pat, and was riding ahead of him on some the course.  I felt excellent with this. Disclaimer: Pat is 59, and had a TKR  3 years ago. He's in good shape but its not like I was keeping up with a 30 year old.

We get back to the vehicle, and we both are wondering about the mileage.  I cycle through my computer and see 32.4.  WHAT THE F#$#. Thats it?  Well I find out the next day, that was my max speed. Duh!  We'd actually done 41 miles.  That made us feel a little better.  For posterity, ride time was 5 hours, but I think total time was 7 hours.

A few things I learned.
-I need to lower my saddle height.  When we started out I thought it was too low. I kept meaning to stop and raise it but never did.  I felt good though at the end of the ride and didn't have any cramping problems.
-when re starting on hills, left foot 1st, than clip in with right.  Don't ask.
-my new shoes are much better to hike in than the crappy old Sidi's.

 Last weekends shitty performance on the road ride is completely forgotten now.


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ChrisJ said...

Nice work Mr.Garrison!

I can't wait for the f'ing 100.