Just 99 miles to go

Friday, August 19, 2011

15 days out

Uh oh, I missed a day.
We'll never know what happened on  day 16.  
1st, one of the people I ride with normally on Thursday told me last night "I didn't know you had a blog".
So my viewing audience has officially doubled.
With all the damn traffic I'm getting I should think about getting some of those banner ads to raise some money.

Nothing notable I'm afraid.
Got out for 1 lap at the Rose with the "slow guys".
The scale went down another pound. 
Not good.
I even ate a snickers before my ride.
It said 205 last night.  Damn.  That was after an easy night of riding.
Whats going to happen with a big ride?


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

After my morning ritual this morning I was 163lbs.....scary. I need to eat a hamburger.