Just 99 miles to go

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

11 days out...oh yeah the Earthquake.

So I experienced and lived through my 1st earthquake.
Don't believe what you see in movies. I was very dissapointed.
No broken water mains shooting geysers into the air, no buildings fell, not even 1 looter (although me and my brother did contemplate going over to the mall and seeing if we could get some freebies.).
For posterity, I'm about 20 miles south of Washinton DC and the epic center of the quake was 20 miles NW of Richmond VA.  For you that are totally clueless, its the EAST coast of the United States.
We get our fair share of hurricanes and tornadoes, but earthquakes? Probly a once in a lifetime event.
About 1:50 pm, I'm sitting at my desk and feel a funny vibration.  Is one of the big machine downstairs malfunctioning and shaking the building? Than the whole building sways and makes some scary ass noises. Me and 8 other co-workers look at each other head for the door.
It was mostly over by the time we made it outside.
And..... that was it.  Nothing evan fell off of the walls.
We did have picture frames fall over at my house 10 miles south and it scared the shit out of my 14 year old who was home alone by herself. 
I asked her if she went outside. No she said.  I guess I never went over what to do if an earthquakes hit.
My bad.

Now the important stuff, SM100 training and prep.
11 days out.
32 miles RR with a 17.5 mph average.  Threw a few 80% pushes in there.  The legs are feeling it this morning.
In prep for the actual race, I found the air pump for my mattress and rigged it so it would work with AA batteries.  I use the pump once a year, I'll be damned if I'm buying 4 D size batteries just to use this thing for 1, possibly 2 nights.
Found my shitty flourescent camping lantern but the charger is no where to be seen.
I might buy a new one.  We get a few power outages a year and it would  be handy to have around anyways.



Anonymous said...

I'll bring some D cells. I'm using your pump again this year. I'll return it this time....

Tom said...

I have it rigged up for some AA's. So don't bring them unless you've already got them.
So who's showing up early to make sure we get our same site?

Anonymous said...

I'm slumming in the field this year I think. Good spot just up from the Pavillion. Not sure yet.