Just 99 miles to go

Friday, August 26, 2011

10 day forcast is up.

Next milestone in the journey to SM100 2011, race day shows up on the Weather Channels 10 day forcast.
Could be better. High of 83, am clouds than clearing. 20% chance of precip.
I don't like the 40% chance of precip the 2 days before.  Could mean wet trails which mean wet rocks.

The race excitement is subdued at the moment due to the impending arrival of hurrican Irene in 36 hours.
Its one of those rare storms thats going to track up the east coast.  Right now , when it gets to us its forcasted to still be a level 2 hurricane.  Where I live winds are supposed to be 39-60 mph.
Not good.  That means I'll be up all night Saturday, staring out my backyard waiting for a tree to fall on my house.  I've had it happen before.

Had t-storms last night so no ride. Worked at the bike shop instead.  I wanted to go in and tune up the bike but they had a crap load of repairs to get done.  I told him I'd be in Sunday than to work on my stuff. I didn't wanna hear him bitch.

I had a buddy of mine (co-worker at the shop) order a few parts for me from the shops distributor.  When we order parts through the shop, they tack on a 5% fee for the franchise than we pay sales tax also.  My buddy has his own account with the distributor, I'm still trying to get the details together on how he managed that.  If I order with him no franchise fee and no sales tax.  If we order enough, free shipping. It still ends up being cheaper if we need to pay shipping.

Weekend plans are up in the air.
I'm going to need to do some pre-hurricane prep around mine and my mothers house so don't wanna be gone all day Saturday.  Might hit Rosaryville up in the morning and do 30 miles.



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