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Thursday, July 21, 2011

New brake.

Damn its hot. A high of 100 with a crapload of humidity.
The slow guys cancelled the normal Thursday evening ride cause of the heat.
Bunch of sissy boys.  Alot of the Oxon Hill Bike Club rides were being cancelled.  That shows the difference between them and the real racer bike clubs.
I went out there and did a lap.
The heat didn't bother me one bit, but it seemed like I was having problems catching my breath.
Air quality was shit, code red.  I'm assuming that was it.
I did an easy lap.  Almost effortlessly as far as the legs went but when I'd try to push it, it was like I couldn't get the air all the way to the bottom of the lungs.  I guess 80% humidity will do that to you.
I quit after the 1st lap. Partially cause of the air quality, partly cause I wanted to pick up my new rear brake from the shop.
This was my first ride with my new Hayes Prime front brake.
Compared to the old HFX9 it was sweet. 
The power/modulation in these are great.  I'd grab some brake and I hardly need any effort, but they still had plenty of modulation.
I had only replaced the fronts, but picked up the rear from the shop tonight.
Can't wait to have a complete set on the bike.

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ChrisJ said...

Fancy new brakes are good. Still loving my Juicy Carbons. Wish I had a fucking mountain bike.

Eyeballing a new cross frame....