Just 99 miles to go

Monday, July 25, 2011

40 days to go. Weekend update.

We're still in the midst of a major heatwave.  101 on Friday,100 on Saturday and a cold day on Sunday with a high of 95.  Where did I put those arm warmers?  I got these temps off of the weather channel, I think our real temps were a few degrees higher. 
When it gets this hot I go into survival mode.
Training? Whats that? If I can just get out an burn up calories I'm happy.

In the shop to work after job #1.  Tonight I got to work on a recumbent. Took me 10 minutes just to figure out how to put it in the bikestand. 
My new shoes finally arrived from Shimano. (Only ordered them the 1st week of June). After finishing up work I clocked out and pulled some new pedals off of the shelf (bike shop employee perk). Put the new cleats on the new shoes, new padals on my bike and rode around the parking lot a few minutes. They felt good. More flexible than my Sidi's (something I really wanted) and they had more aggressive grips on the soles with real rubber.  So far I felt good about them, but only a real ride would let me know if they were any good.
Because picts are fun!!

Met up with Eric B and Tom W and did some trailwork at Rosaryville.  It wasn't anything too strenuous.  Mostly trimming back foilage from the trail.  Things are really getting over grown out there.
It was hot, but it was all in the shade.  Maybe I'm getting used to the heat, but I could've stayed out there all day. 
Got home and put the new rear brake on the Niner. 
Bikes all set.  New brakes,grips, pedals, and the rear suspension has new bushings. 
Only thing left is to wait for the free hub rebuild kit to get back in stock so I can put my Stans Arch wheel back together.
Ok, I guess I should ride some this weekend.
I go to the Rose and do 3 laps.  Was going to quit at 2, but Doc shamed be into doing a 3rd.

Actually if I'd had more water and I didn't need to be home I would have went for a 4th.
I think my endurance is starting to come back.  As long as I can keep my own pace and not push it trying to keep up with a hammerhead, I can keep rolling.

This is encouraging me for the SM100.  Now if I could only push my "endurance pace" up.

Weights sticking at around 208. 


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Chris said...

Is doc doing the SM? Or is he bitching out again?