Just 99 miles to go

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

38 days to go.

Whats going on.....
Got out last night for a quickie road ride.
Gross.  I was bombarded the 2nd half of my ride by these little gnat like bugs.
They got everywhere. I felt like a car windshield.
27.5 miles with a 17.5 average.  I don't think its as good as I was doing last year and I can't figure out why.
I've been busting ass. 
I'm going to start looking into recovery supplements. My legs are always tired and sore.  I went through this when I lifted weights earlier in life. Sure I looked decent but was always sore from lifting. I'm starting to wonder if my knee surgery where they used part of my ham-string muscle as a graft has anything to do with it.

I'm looking at my training log from last year, and it was a year ago today that I lost my dad.
It reminded me of how crappy the summer of 2010 was and how this years been uneventful.
I'm thankful for that anyways.   
I'm going to go home and have a talk with the family.
"Look last summer sucked shit for the family. This summers been good. DON'T FUCK IT UP".

I'm on a roll for buying bike parts and can't seem to stop this obsession.
My next purchase is going to be a 36 tooth cassette.  My cost is only $38.  Whats to lose?
I'm just worried that if I use it for the SM100, I'll use the 36T where I could've gotten away with the 34T, and it'll slow me down a little.  Theres also the argument that a 36t might keep me on the bike longer with less walking.
??????? Decisions.

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