Just 99 miles to go

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why do I bother.

Normal after work RR.
I had the intention of going out and working on my speed.
I didn't do any intervals, just kept the speed up to where my legs were always on the verge of quitting.
You'd think as a smoker the cardio would go 1st.
Kept the computer on max speed, so I wasn't eyeing my average or mileage.
Final stats for the ride, 30.5 miles with a 17mph average.
Fuck me. Here I am thinking it'll be 17.8 or .9 and its a shitty 17.
To make it worse I looked at last years training log. I did 27 miles with a 17.7 average.
I knew I was going backwards.

I did find my waterbottle that I lost on Saturdays ride, that might have knocked the average down a little.
Spent 5 minutes searching the shoulder of the road for it and just as I was about to give up, Score.
There it was. 1-25oz camelback polar waterbottle found un-scathed. No tire tracks on it and no rednecks had used it for target practice.
I also found a baseball cap and a hub cap to a volvo. I left those there. If you need one these items I'll be happy to give you directions.

Healthfront: Down a couple of pounds from last nights waterloss. I'll see how it stabilizes.  Hot and humid last night.  I sweated my ass off.

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