Just 99 miles to go

Sunday, July 17, 2011

1st full century

I decided it was finally time for the dreaded road ride.
Left the house Saturday morning. Destinstion-Point lookout State park, 52 miles away.
I was doing this ride with no camelback.  I had installed an extra water bottle carrier that hangs off of the seatpost and I got a small frame bag.  I already had a saddle bag which had all my tools and spare tube.
The frame bags not very large, but it held some gu's, electrolytes, cell phone and cash.
Not much to say.
Made it down with a slight headwind that took down my average some.
Re filled the bottles, and took a small break at the park store.
No real problems until mile 78.  Inner thigh started cramping. I rode it out and cut back the pace a little.
Last 10 miles was the normal, "I just wanna be off this bike" and "why do I do this? This isn't fun".
I hit 100 miles on the computer and my average was 16.6.  Not too shabby for someone who's trying not mash.
Got home with a total of 102.5 miles and a 16.5 average.
I lost one of my new camelback podium bottles which pissed me off.  One descent thats torn up and bumpy from those damn amish buggies. 
I was happy with the ride fitness wise, but what really made me happy was the knee.
Although I nursed it (mentally pushed more with the good leg) it didn't give me alot of grief after the ride.
It didn't bother me at all that night, I got a good nights sleep.
I was worried that the hammerfest at Rosaryville had permantely damaged it.
I'm ready for the race NOW.
I wish the race was next weekend.


Anonymous said...

I have yet to log a century this year. Done a few 80 miles, 3 or 4 60 milers this winter and early in the year. May be borrowing a bike for the sm if bike lane doesn't come though.

Tom said...

I'm pretty sure your 80 on skymass equals or surpasses my 100 down here in the flatlands.