Just 99 miles to go

Friday, July 15, 2011

Too much for a weeknight-Knee is starting to fail.

Thursday evening ride with Barry and the Oxon hill crew at the Rose at 6.
I get there at 5 and do my pre-ride lap.  No time trial tonight, good moderate pace.
I purposely tried to go back to my old style of riding, mashing.  Since the knee started giving me problems I've been trying to spin more.  After last weekends ride where I used the small ring most of the time and spun more than mashed (and was the slowest rider), I decided I've gotta get back to my roots. 
It did feel good using a lower cadence, but the knee did object.
Get back and go out with the fast half of the group, although tonight they weren't going out the normal race pace, probly cause Doc was somewhere out on the trail, lost, trying to find us. He did find us after the 1/2 way mark...and pushed it up to a race pace. 
We finish the lap and Doc starts prodding us to do another lap.
Its almost 7:30, I'm tired but not dead so I go out with them. 
Ended the night with 3 laps, 30 miles.
Pretty good for a weeknight ride when I've gotta go to work the next day.

I paid for that mashing.  Knee felt worse than it has the past few weeks, and for the 1st time since my injections it kept me up half the night until about 1:30 I got up and took some of the pain killers I had left over from April.
I made an appointment to see the doc.  I can't get in to see him for 10 days.  I don't know what he'll be able to do.  I'm hoping to just get a re-fill on the pain killers. 

Just as I'm starting to feel pretty good about my progress and fitness, the knee starts up again. I was really starting to think a 12.5 hour at the SM100 was in reach.
Its not bothering me too much while riding, but what good is that if I can't sleep at night?

Maybe I could limit my training to 1 long ride on Satrudays, afterwards drink until I'm drunk and pass out.
I'm still a novice at drinking.
3 beers and I'm out for the count.

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