Just 99 miles to go

Monday, July 18, 2011

Rest day-lets work on bikes.

The plan was to meet the "slow guys" in Clinton at Cosca Park at 9:30.
I woke up at 7:00, decided I had time for another hour of sleep.  Woke back up at 9:00.
I must have needed the sleep. The slow guys will just have to miss my company today.

Pulled out my new front brake, the latest and greatest Hayes Prime.  This is the 1st time I've gotten an item that is new (except for the Niner RIP).  By new I mean just released.  I usually wait for them to work the kinks out in the 2nd or 3rd generation of a product.
I'd also bought new grips.  The old lock-on grips had corroded onto the bars.  I had to drill holes into the lock rings and break them off, then slice the grips down the middle and peel them off.  It was an ugly mess.  The oxidization that was under the grips was unreal.  20 minutes with the wire brush and drill and it was clean enough for the new grips to go on.
Old brake with new grip.
New brake with new grip.

New brakes and grips on and its starting to get hot.  I wanna go over my old Redline Monocog.  Its having frame issues.  Instead of sweating my ass off in the garage, I load up everything and go to bike shop. All the right tools, a real bike stand and its air conditioned.
Employee benefits.

The monocog's rear wheel won't center up between the drop outs correctly.  I thought my brother, who I had loaned the bike to for the past year, had bent the frame.  I heard though that a fellow rider was having the same problem and Redline ended up warranting the frame.
After inspecting it, and getting a 2nd opinion from the head mechanic, it was the same problem.  The slider on one side, that the drop outs bolt into were deformed. 
I emailed Redline and am waiting to hear back.
I was all ready to write the frame off so I'm looking forward to getting a new frame and getting back on a hardtail out at Rosaryville.  The RIP is just too heavy and over kill at the Rose.

Finished the day out by pressing the iron, trying to put off a the upper body muscle atrophy.

Health front: sticking right around 210. Thats after hydrating and sitting on my ass all day Sunday.

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