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Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend update 6-26-11

Ok, let me get this down before I forget and in a year when I'm looking back, this won't be the lost weekend.

No, this isn't some alternate universe where weekends start on Thursday. I was off on Friday so this started my weekend. Did an afterwork RR and got a flat after 7 miles. Everybody know on "after work " RR's you don't carry tools or spare tubes.
Had the wife come pick me. (no tubes but I had a cellphone)

I'm off work. Yeah!
Took the family and friends of family to Kings Dominion amusement park.
Damn that place has changed. This was a favorite of mine when I was kid.
Not much to note other than I thought I was going to black out for a minute on one of the rollercoasters. The "Intimidator". I blame it on my riding style which is just sit back and relax and let the blood get sucked outta your head.
I rode it again, tensed up like normal people and felt fine.
Stupid rides not getting the best of me.

Wife and kids leave for the beach. I didn't get rid of them till 11.
Went to the shop and picked up my bike and new linkage that came in Friday from Niner. I also picked up a 2nd seat bag ,CO2, a new hardcased 28c tire For the road bike. Now I don't have to switch over from the MTB and will have tools and tubes.
Got the RIP put back together and in working order.
Went for a RR although I didn't really feel like it.
Got 2 miles from the house and than remembered, I REALLY didn't feel like riding. Turned around, rode home and cut the grass.
At least I got some exercise in.

Hmmm, too hot for a rode ride.
Take the RIP down to St.Marys lake for a shakedown ride, maybe try to push my ride time up for endurance sake.
I do 1 lap and am checking the bike out. The bearings in the rear wheel are loose. Crap.
Go home, pick up mower and go to Moms and do some lawn work. (I'm a good son, you notice I went for a ride first).
Leave moms, drive up to bike shop and fix my wheel. All the way up to Waldorf just cause I have yet to buy a couple of 15mm cone wrenches. That will soon be remedied.
Back home, jump on the road bike (still don't feel like a road ride) and get thirty some miles in at a less than stellar 16.3 mph.
Hey atleast I didn't turn around after 2 miles. (I had already cut everybody's grass, I didn't have anything else to do).

The wrap up.
Damn, after reading what I did over the weekend it was no wonder I didn't want to get up to go to work on Monday.

Weight was down to 207 Sunday night.
I'm going to start cutting back on the crap I eat after rides. I'm still going to pig out, just change the quality of the food. I heard that choclate milk is good for post ride rehab.
Did a really need to pick up a whole 1/2 gallon and finish it off?
Next time just a pint, and some water. Might switch out the bbq cornchips for pretzels and apples.

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