Just 99 miles to go

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

That hurt, some.

1st official day of my vacation.
Today I'm still at home.
I decide its time for my 1st Rosaryville marathon of the year.
Get there with the idea of doing 4 laps (yeah, who am I kidding).
Well, by god captain, I did 4 laps and one included the inner loop.
That last lap wasn't pretty, I evan dropped it down into granny gear a couple of times. My ass was killing me also the last 4 miles.
Thats what these long rides are all about anyway. Putting your body through pain so it adapts and grows stronger.
Can't wait to talk to the wife and explain to her about my "strong ass".

4hours, 4 laps +, 39.8 miles.
And it was hot. My on-board thermometer said it was 96. It likes to exaggerate a little bit just to make me feel good. Yes, you pay extra for that feature.

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Chris said...

I am probally doing the same around wakefield/accotink tomorrow I am off.