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Saturday, July 02, 2011

God I hate the beach.

I'm sitting here Saturday waiting for the wife to get home from the beach.
I left early to get daughter number 1 to her job.
That sucks. A week at the beach and you have to go to work the same day you get back.
This trip to OC was especially crappy for me.
Got there Wednesday afternoon, went out to the beach with the family a while, rode the bike a little to find a ATM, then we went out to dinner.
That was the mistake.
We went to an "all can you eat" place. That was a mistake.
I pigged out big time on fried foods (not sure exactly what they are until you bike into them). And I finished the meal off with raw oysters and clams. Thank you to daughter number 2 who found the raw bar hidden next to the desserts.
Who puts the raw bar next to the desserts?
Thursday we go to the beach a while, then me and daughter 2 go on an urban assuault on the bikes.
I don't feel worth shit. Tummy is making funny noises, I feel weak and dehydrated. We cut the ride short go back to condo.
We go to dinner and I can't eat.
I did manage to put down a milkshake later.
Friday I'm feeling like crap and stay in the condo most of the day sleeping while the wife takes kids to boardwalk, and out to lunch.
Finally around 5 I go with them out to see a movie. Appetite is coming back, so I eat popcorn at the theater. We finish up our vacation with dinner at dough rollers. What a piece of shit this place is. Nine bucks for a crappy sub, 1/2 the size of what I could have gotten at subway for 5$.
Don't go there.

3 days of the beach have probably knocked my fitness back by 3 weeks, and I'm afraid to get on the scale.
When I think about all that wasted money I just cringe.

Best part of my week vacation from work...riding Rosaryville on Tuesday.

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