Just 99 miles to go

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Training log for posterity.

After work road ride.
33 miles- 16.9 average.
Took a different route which added a few more small hills.
I'm thinking about difference between 2 hours of road versus 2 hours of trail.
33 miles on the road is at least 32 miles of pushing the pedals.
2 hours of trail is about 22 miles which 50% is pedaling, 50% coasting.
Breaking the MTB might be good for me.

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Chris said...

5 Hours on the road bike today.

Rest day yesterday.

1 hour interval aka W@W on Weds.

2 Hour road ride with 5 hill repeats Tuesday.

Prerode wakefield Monday.

And you were there for the weekend.

Hope I can hold my fitness.

I am debating SkyMass Sunday.