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Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend update part 2 -Ka-ching

Taking the bike off of Randys car when we get back to So.Md.
"Thunk" as I set it down.
"Uh Oh, thats not normal" even for my highly un-maintained steed.
I got play in the rear shock bushing.
Try to take the bolt out and shear the head off.
Take it into the shop Sunday and get Chris's "expert" opinion.
First thing he does is pick up a hammer and trys smacking the bolt.
I was expecting something a little more technical from his years of experience.
In the end I need to get a new linkage, new shock bushing , reducers and a bolt.
I saved the shock.
So I'm waiting on the linkage from Niner, and a bushing and a bushing remover and installer off of ebay. Hopefully they'll be here friday.
Till then, I'm roadie. Unless THAT tries to commit suicide.
All this because my lack of regular maintance.
From now on, all bolts get taken out monthly, cleaned, and greased.
I also need, Ok I want new brakes and I need new grips.
Oh, and pedals. They're getting an awful lot play.


And I thought the deck was expensive.

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Anonymous said...

Have I mentioned I LOVE my hardtail...rebuilt the fork last year still rolling steady.