Just 99 miles to go

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Reason #1,021 and 1,022 I hate roadies.

Both of these happened in the shop.

-roadie in full kit, in the shop, having something done to his bike. Holds up the whole bike adjustment process while he holds up different colored water bottle cages (way over-priced carbon fiber models) on the bike and gets everyone's opinion of which one looks better.
I wanted to tell him no one is going to see past his huge ass in those ugly ass green shorts anyway.

-"Team member", roadie who rides for the shop. Bought a bike and "he"wants to partially assemble it before he takes it home. Brings his 2 bratty , under 5 year old kids in with him.
So I've got to watch and listen to his spoiled brats run around and whine while he tries to put on a stem on.
I won't even bring my bike in on a busy week night cause I know they're so busy and crowded.


I don't know. You don't see MTBers come in the shop with the same attitude and sense of arrogance.

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