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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

(1/4)Century +

Stopped in the bike shop after work to get them to special order me some shoes.
Just pop in, give her my size and the model #.
I had to listen to 5 people try to con me into working.
Yeah, its nice working in a shop. You have to avoid the place if you if you don't wanna work. Forget it if you just wanna pop in for tube. I've mostly learned to plan ahead and stock what I might need.
I've got a half-assed training plan and Tuesdays are my ride night.
End of story.

As far as the shoes, I'm tired of my 3 year Sidi's. The velcro strips stopped sticking a long time ago, it looks like I'm going to have to re-glue the soles again soon, and they're just beat to shit.

Don't buy Sidi's. They're over priced crap.

The only reason I bought them was for the MEGA width, well now others are jumping onto that.
I'm going to give Shimano a try.

My plan is to push the mileage/time a little each week for my training.
Last 2 weeks, 26.5 miles.
Last night I pushed it up to 31.5. I'll do the same next week, than go up a little more the week after. These are my normal after work rides. Weekend rides are a different animal.


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Chris said...

Yea. I agree Sids are super nice but not worth the coin. I love my NorthWaves wish I went up 1 size. Picked them up online for cheap, went off a size chart.