Just 99 miles to go

Friday, June 10, 2011

Testing the waters.

No easy ride tonight with the brother in law.
I got no training in Wednesday, so Thursday is training day.
Got to the Rose an hour early for the OHB ride and got a half way fast lap.
I timed the lap to see where I was at.
47 minutes plus some.
Pretty good considering my best time is only around 45 minutes.
I wasn't evan going at race pace, just normal no playing around pace.

For my 2nd lap I took off with the fast half of the OHB group assuming I'd get spit out the back and ride with the slow guys after 20 minutes. Once again I surprised my self and ended the ride with them.
I was lagging behind on the hills those last 3 miles and thought I done but the "fast" guys aren't the best technical riders. I'd end up catching back up to them on logs, fast descents, and anything tight and twisty.

Still need work on the endurance but I think my "short" track fitness is coming along nicely.

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