Just 99 miles to go

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

After work RR

Left a little earlier from the house wanting to put in a few more miles than last week.
Thinking 35 miles.
10 miles in, going up the only decent hill on my route the drivetrain starts to do some major ghost shifting and the chain gets sucked up between the small and middle ring.
10 minutes of yanking and cursing, of course I'm not carrying the 1st tool.
"If I just had something small and skinny I could use to pry it out with".
The tire skewer!
I'm a genius.
I get it out and discover what happened.
When I put the chain back togather Sunday, I must have gotten hold of a 9speed pin instead of a 7 speed, and the outter plate on the link wasn't evan connecting to the pin.
I limp my way over to my brothers house (8 miles) and borrow his tools.
Made it home and I was able to still do 30 miles with the 25 minute sidetrip.


Anonymous said...

Whos says mechanics take good care of there stuff.............

Tom said...

I never said I take good care of my stuff. Just when it breaks I can fix it fast and cheap.