Just 99 miles to go

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Met up with Doc at the Rose and did a lap with him.
Although its pretty much known that he's faster than me now, he threw me in front.
I did my best to get ahead where ever I could, which with Doc, is fast curves and downhills.
I don't even try on ascents.
He was on my ass pretty much the whole time making me feel like I was dragging.
We get back and our time was 45:45. (my best was 44:45)
Thats pretty quick. 2 years ago, I'd been damned proud of that time.
I gotta ride with slower people so I feel fast again.

2 miles in on our 2nd lap my rear free hub decided it was tired too and quick working.
I walked out and rode straight to the shop.
It was the head mechanics night off though so I was on my own to fix it.
A few clicks on the internet and I had instructions.
Tore the hub apart, cleaned and re-greased the pawls and I think its fine again.

Gotta big ride this weekend, it better be fine.


ChrisJ said...

........Nice mechanicing skills sir!

Tom said...

For someone who now weighs less than a teenage girl... your pushing it.

ChrisJ said...

Hahahaha....I'm not that light sir. Makes going up the hills easier...