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Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend update 6-13-11

Legs are fried from the previous nights efforts. Get off day job at 3, run home take care of few errands. Go into the shop and work.

Plan was to go to Quantico and ride the trail, which should be marked for the upcoming race. My sense of direction sucks, so arrows are a good thing.
Listening to the news, there are 2 accidents and a work zone on the beltway and on 95 south. That will probly add 40 minutes to the normal 1 hour drive time.
Ok, new plan.
Back to St.marys lake down in the sticks.
Kind of like last week but today is HOT and Humid.
Did 3 laps, same as last week, but we're in training mode.
Pushed out and did a 4th.
The trail doesn't allow you to rest much, you get very little time to rest on your butt.
The bodies had enough mountain bike training, I really need to get in some endurance ride.
Finished up with 30 miles and 3 hour ride time.

Weatherman is calling for heavy t-storms later sometime in the early afternoon which will usher in a cool front.
I opt to get my yard work outta the way so I don't have to worry about it next week (when the weather will be alot nicer for riding).
2 hours of pushing a mower and weed-wacking with the sun blaring down on my baldspot.
I think I sweated off 5lbs of water.

Skies start to darken. I'm not chancing getting caught in hail storm like last week.
Take the road bike to the shop and do a tune up on it. Change out the cables , tear apart the drive train and clean everything up.
Those severe t-storms never materialized, we got maybe 5 minutes of rain than a cool breeze started flowing in from the north.

Next week.
The 1st day of the training program I have for the 100 mile race starts Monday on the 13th. Its gotta wait a day, I work tomowrow.

Weight front: still around 210.
I think I'm down 5# from a year ago.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't ride at all. Commuted all last week. Commuting all week aside from Thursday and Friday.