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Monday, May 02, 2011

Weekend Update:5-2-11 I hate decks

Manual labor sucks.
Working is not the same as working out.
I was so glad to be able to come to work Monday and sit on my ass in front of computer.

Got home around 4:30.
Right away I started working.
-re-notched the posts, this time at the correct height.
-hung the beams.
-marked for joist hangers and the bolt locations on the ledger.
-drilled and installed the 1/2" carriage bolts for the ledger to the house.
I did the drilling with a hammer drill that was stuck in hammer mode. That was fun and noisy.
Finally finished up 10pm.

The site Saturday morning.
It was dark Friday.

-picked up rest of 2x8's for the joists.
-finished bolting ledger to house.
-hung about 1/2 the joists. The beam needed final leveling which really slowed things up.
-at this point, everything is level,plumb, and square.

The jobsite Sunday morning.
Once again too dark when I finished Saturday
night for picts.

I couldn't start the real work until the wife had her complete good nights sleep, which usually means she doesn't get up till 9am. I did what I could with banging a hammer, layed out the joists and marked for locations.
Went to 84 lumber and picked up some of the decking.
5/4" x 6" x 16 foot decking boards. 21 of them sticking out of the back of my standard size pickup truck. The gang box in the back actually helped out. You can wedge the boards under and don't don't have to worry about them flipping out.
I took all that they had in stock. They're supposed to get more in next week.
I hope this doesn't turn into a problem.
-Got all the joists hung, installed the rim boards, re-enforced the end joists.
-started nailing down some of the decking.

Sunday afternoon.

Sunday evening.
Finished for the weekend.

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