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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Damn deck $$Ka-Ching$$$

While figuring the cost of projects in my head I always under estimate hardware.
By hardware I mean screws, nails, brackets, etc.
That hit me head on yesterday.
I stopped by and bought the screws I need to attach the decking to the framing.
Let that sink in a minute, $100 just for screws.
Except for paying taxes and traffic violations, thats got to be the least satisfying $100 I ever spent.
I could have gotten 3/4 of new front brake for the Niner with that.
I remember the good ol' day when you would buy $25 worth of 10d spiral nails. Now you have to use the high-tech, anit-corrosion, anti-wood splitting torx head screws that are painted to match the wood.
It could have been worse I guess, I could have needed to buy stainless steel.

Last night I worked till 9:30 laying more decking. I thought it would go really fast but every board is bowed one way or another and I've got to fight everyone of them to get it fastened down straight.

No picts today. Just take the last one and imagine that they are now attached with really expensive screws.

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