Just 99 miles to go

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Just Wednesday

Got the last of the synvisc injections into the knee. I didn't see any improvement after the 2nd one, I hope this one gives a little more relief.

Picked up 20 more 16 foot boards for the decking. I thought I'd need to get more but I'm 18" from finishing and I've got enough to finish. Worked out there till 9:30 and was dog ass tired when I quit.
Once again no picts. Too dark.
Tonight I hope to finish the decking and install the post for the handrail.

I got Judy out there last night trying to make sure of where she wants the steps.
I've got to listen to 5 minutes of where she's going to put the plants, and the table, and the hammock.
Where the damn hammock idea come from?
Thats new to me.



Chris said...

Hammock + Burrito + your girl ass wine coolers = grear recovery sir.....

Tom said...

I don't think she had my well being in mind.