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Friday, April 29, 2011

Getting tired of "Gitting er done"

Well at least I couldn't have rode last night anyways. I ended up working with spotty sprinkles, and everything was still wet from the last 2 days.
Picked up 18-2x8x12 right after work. The truck was sitting low, not as low as I've had it before but it knew it was carrying something. I have had it overloaded before with top soil, so this little bit of wood didn't worry me.

I made a "big" mistake last night and am still kicking myself for it.
I notched the posts for the beam. As you can see in the pict, I got up 1 half of the beam. I ended up having to adjust the center post to get it all level. After getting it "perfect" I realized that I screwed up big time. I put the beam level with the ledger board when it is supposed to be 7-1/2" below it.
What can I say?
It was raining, the mosquitos were biting, etc.
So I have to re-do the cuts in the posts, which were a pain to begin with.

Here's a pict for the record.
It doesn't look it but it was after 8pm when I took the pict and getting a little dark.

The camera must do something to the exposure.

Big weekend coming up.
Hopefully I can get it fully framed and start the decking.

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Chris said...

It looks like you know what your doing.....