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Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend wrap-up 4-25-11

I own 3 bikes, and at one time I actually rode them.
Thats how I felt this weekend.
For a quick wrap-up, I rode NONE this weekend, BUT I got a shitload accomplished.

The wifes been bugging me for a deck for, well for at least the last 4 years.
(We've been in this house 5-1/2 years now.)
I decided it was finally time. The stairs that I "temped" to the house when we 1st moved in have rotted out at the bottom and this is the 1st year in a long time where we're actually getting something back from uncle sam.

For reference here are my temporary stairs. They were only suppose to last a few months.
I think I got my moneys worth out of them considering the lumber was free.
No its not pressure treated either.
My grill usually sits to the right of the steps but I'd started clearing for staking out the deck.

The wife is afraid to use them.
I don't understand why?

Get out work about 1:30. Got my 40 in. Total crap for weather. Cold and rainy all day. I decide to go and at least pick up some material, just in case I wanna start the deck sometime over the weekend. 11 80lbs of concrette, stakes, re-bar, and string.
Started trying to layout the deck, but it changed from sprinkles to a light rain.
I quit. The rain wasn't bad, but with temps only in the 40's it sucked.

Woke up to sprinkles and still cool. Its suppose to be nice later so i go ahead and layout for the deck. Got it laid out and decide to start digging the footings. Get 1 of the footings dug out (16x16x24 deep). The weather had definately improved enough for a ride, but I'm on roll.
I get the holes dug, pour the footings and put in the re-bar.
Its now around 3, my biceps keep cramping up and I'm too tired to ride.
I wanna go sit on the couch, each fritos and watch netflix but don't wanna waste the time.
Picked up more material for the job. 4 more bags of concrete and tubular forms for the post piers.
I'm ragged out tired and proud of what I've got accomplished.
Does the wife appreciate it?
It seems that my 5 holes with concrete doesn't impress her.
To get her attention you have to at least have a board hung somewhere.

Sunday. (Easter)
I've got 5 holes with sharp steel spikes in my backyard.
I've got in-laws coming over later with their kids to hunt for Easter eggs.
Doesn't sound like a good scenario.
I've gotten permission to ride and get home in time to meet the in-laws but in good conscious I can't leave the yard like that.
Set the forms, fill the holes, pour the concrete, and I'm done.
In-laws show up an hour later and my day is shot.
Just to let me know what I'm missing, my brother did stop by while on a road road. He got in his 1st 1/2 century ride.

For the record.
The site area before excavation starts.
Its 25' from the left corner of the house to the right corner where the cantilever is.
The decks going to go 24'.

I've got a choice.
I can either drag this thing out, working on it in between rides, and have the wife bitch at me the whole time.....
or try to just bust it out. If I go with the latter I might be able to get it done in 2 weeks and be able to go the whole summer....bitch "free".

Health front: Weight bumped up over 220. It might be hard work digging holes and mixing concrete but it doesn't take the weight off. The "core" is feeling pretty good though.


ChrisJ said...

Get the wifey happy so you can do the GW thing. You gonna make a skymass ride this year? Shooting for May 21st.

Tom said...

GW or skymass on the 21st?

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