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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Synvisc injection #1.

For a reminder, Synvisc is the stuff that I was hoping would be a wonder drug and be the total cure for the knee. It comes in a series of 3 injections.
I had the 1st yesterday.
I was kinda nervous going in. I'd read on the web (big mistake) that the injection hurt like a mutha. Something about getting the needle under the knee cap... blah,blah, blah.
Turns out it was all bullshit. It felt like any other normal shot. The doctor was in and out in 4 minutes.
"How are you, have a nice day, see the girl at the counter" KaChing-$30 copay and I'm out.

I can feel some improvement, but theres still some pain there.
I'll find out tonight after my evening ride with the slow guys.
I've got 2 more shots so I'll see.

Went into the shop last night and finally got the new fork installed on my brothers bike.
I don't keep up witht the latest trends in forks, but my co-workers were impressed with the Reba XX (with remote lockout) that I was installing on it. They tell me its one of the best you can currently buy.
Unless I can get my brother out on the trails more, its going to be a total waste on him.
$600+ fork for riding on the road.
What a waste.

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