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Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend wrap up 4-18-11

Friday-beautiful day. Can't ride. Get off work , take the wife to dinner for her birthday which was on Thursday. She let me go out for a night ride on Thursday, so I should be happy for that.

Saturday-Rain,more rain, and tornado warnings.
The forcast was for heavy rains by afternoon so I get up early (for me on a Saturday) to try to get a few laps in at Rosaryville before the rain starts.
15 minutes from the park and I ride into heavy rains (sigh). Oh well, no trail riding.
Later that afternoon I get 25 miles on the trainer while watching "Sniper-reloaded" on DVD.
Not a very good movie. It got deleted from the home network.
I tuned-up the road bike in anticipation of riding Sunday. It was in sad shape. The chain was rusty and had numerous stiff links. Got it in decent shape for riding though.
It really is one sad ass looking road bike.

Supposed to be a NICE day but I know any trail riding is out.(too wet)
I want to get a little yardwork out of the way, than I can go on a RR later when it really warms up.
1st step is to try to start the lawnmower.
Its been sitting outside all winter, whats the chances of it evan starting without me tearing apart the carburetor?
Well, hopefully this is a sign for the upcoming summer. One shot of starter fluid and it fired up.
Finally I catch a break.
I end up working in the yard ALL day (7 hours). I was making good progress and didn't wanna stop.
No ride in today but it freed me up for the next few weekends.
It was still exercise. I just look at it as working the "core".

Health update.
Knee- 7 hours in the yard put a toll on the knee. Didn't hurt alot while working but I paid for it Sunday night. It seemed like every 15 minutes the pain would wake me up, and I'd have to shift position. Felt like crap Monday morning. 2 days until I see the doc again.

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Chris said...

Canabalize the mower and strap that motor to the Rip9. It would make going up hill a whole lot less painful.