Just 99 miles to go

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Git er done.

I'm going to go with my 2nd choice for the deck build.
Get the damn thing done and outta the way.
It was with a heavy heart though, that I skipped my normal Tuesday after-work ride at Rosaryville and instead went home and worked on THE DECK.

I stopped at my local 84 Lumber to pick up 2-2x8x12' for the ledger board.
Fully expecting to get screwed on price (after all Lowes and the other ONE are supposed to be the price leaders) I was surprised to see they were almost 1$ cheaper per board.
That makes getting this thing done evan easier.
Cheaper wood, only 2 miles from my house, pull the truck right up to the lumber and load, and not having to deal with idiots who don't know the difference between a 16d nail and a 1/2 carriage bolt, make me actually look forward to getting the lumber.

So last night, what I got accomplished.
-picked up ledger boards.
-demolished my temporary stairs (that wasn't hard,just 4 screws).
-cut away the siding.
-got the ledger hung temporarily (right height and level)
-picked up carriage bolts, joist hangers, and 6x6 post base (kaching$-damn the hardware is expensive).

It doesn't seem like alot but getting that ledger up level and positioned right makes me feel better.

The site, so far.

Health front: This morning I went for the 2nd injection into my knee. I've seen some improvement in the knee since the 1st one, I'm hoping this one will help evan more.
Weight is the same.