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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Weekend wrap up 3-21-11

Aint that a bitch.
1 hour riding on Friday,2 on Saturdary, 2 1/2 on Sunday and I gain 4 pounds.
Fuck me!

I did 2 laps at the Rose on Saturday. I was thinking about starting a 3rd, then my $8 mp3 player that I ordered from China last year died. That killed my motivation and i quit.
Felt real good about what I did though. I was surprised that I could get 2 full laps in (plus the inner loop on the 1st) at the pace that I kept.

I paid for it that evening though. The knee wasn't happy at all.
Spent most of the evening on the couch icing it, and eating Frito's.
I see the knee doc next week and I'm telling him to try the synvisc injections.
I can't make things much worse than they are.

Sunday I explored Cosca in Clinton with Barry and Matt.
Nice easy ride, we cleaned up the trails some, got temporarily lost a few times, and did some bushwacking.
It was fun.

So, weights up to 222.

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ChrisJ said...

I prefer the Old Bay Crab chips.....