Just 99 miles to go

Friday, March 18, 2011

Not so good.

Did a lap at the Rose with the more tech inner loop thrown in.
After going over some logs, a few drops and catching some air, the knee started complaining.
At the top of every rotation I could feel something in there clicking together.
Didn't so much affect my riding but it woke me up 10 time during the night with pain.

So at the next doctors appointment, on the 30th I'm going to have him go ahead and try the synvisc injections.

I took Harry out there at the start. His 3rd time trail riding.
He's got the worst luck.
He crashes about 3 miles in. He said he turned but the bike went where it wanted to.
I dismissed it as "newbie" talk.
I few minutes later we stop and I see his stem and bars got turned off center, pull out the mini tool and try to tighten his stem. I've got the bolts as tight as I can turn them and the stem is still just turning.
What the hell?
It finally dawns on me. I lift the bike up and see the crown on top of the fork has broke.
I've never seen that before, in the bike shop or on the trail.
So his bike is sitting in the shop waiting for a warranty shock from Rockshox, and he's back on my old Redline.
Its going to be too nice today to be bike-less. High 70's today.

weight-back under 218 with last nights ride.


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