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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Knee doctor visit.

Saw my ortho doc this morning about the knee.
I was all ready go ahead and get the "synvisc" injections for the knee.
In case I haven't explained it, the "synvisc" is a viscous material that is injected into the knee between the sections where the cartilage has worn away. Thus, acting as a cushioning so that the "bone on bone" contact is limited. The optimum outcome would be less (or no) pain for 6 months.
I've read in worst case situations where the injections actually make the pain worse, but that seemed to be rare.
I find out today that they need to get an OK from my insurance co first, then order the stuff.
So atleast 3 weeks till they can do it.

Still making my mind up on weather to early register for the 100.
I'm really curious as to what kind of training I could do without knee pain. I've always had it, and it never really came into play until usually the last few hours of big rides.
It'd be nice to have one less pain after 6 hours in the saddle.

Health update: still somewhere under 220.

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