Just 99 miles to go

Monday, April 04, 2011

Weekend wrap up 4-4-11

I couldn't take it.
I had talked myself into waiting until atleast June but Friday night I filled out the registration form for the SM100 and dropped it in the mail. I just did make the early bird deadline and saved myself $20. KA-CHING.

Saturday I was at Cedarville. I didn't wanna chance bad conditions at the Rose. We had some weird ass weather which I gambled would turn nice. I lost.
Just as I'm at the farthest point from the trail head, the skies darken up and it lets loose.
I get back to the truck soaked,muddy, and freezing.
I hate April.

Sunday I ride with the slow guys at Rosaryville.
I ended up finishing the 1st lap by myself. Too fast for the slow guys, not fast enough to keep up with Doc and Dennis. Went ahead and did a 2nd lap solo. It wasn't very good.
Didn't make me feel very encouraged about that registration I'd just sent in.
Afterwards I walked down with the axe and got rid of some deadfall.

The knee didn't bother me while riding, but I had to ice it down once I got home.

So I think I can train, I'm just worthless afterwards.
After the cool weekend we had, temps today supposed to be high 70's, I'm stuck in the office and scheduled to work at the bike shop tonight.
"Living the dream" and "Winning" (my newest favorite saying from Mr. Charlie Sheen).


ChrisJ said...

Is Doc doing the 100 or is he scared?

Tom said...

He's asking alot of questions and acting interested. I don't know yet.