Just 99 miles to go

Monday, August 30, 2010

No, I'm not worried about dnf'ing.

I've got the SM100 map out and am looking at routes that I can take back, by road if I decide to quit at an aid station.
Let me re-phrase that.....if my physical condition requires me to withdrawl from the race.
Thats freak'n confidence there.

Last weekend before the race, what did my training consist of?
1 lap at the Rose including the interior Saturday morning.
12 miles.
Wait for it......... thats it.
I had to drop my daughter off in Towson at 7:00 AM.
Up at 5am and on the road for an hour and 40, dropped her off than drove an hour back towards home and stopped at the Rose. Did a lap, stopping half way to put air my tire. It had a slow leak.
Back at the truck, change the tube, only had my frame pump with me, so I got an arm workout.
Went back out to start my 2nd lap.
Got in a 1/8 mile and said fuck it.
I didn't feel like this shit.
I'm supposed to be tapering anyways.
I wasn't tired, just didn't feel like riding.

Sunday, same deal with the drive to Towson.
Was suppose to meet the slow guys at Cedarville @ 9.
Same deal.
Still don't feel like riding.

I did take the bike into the shop for a tune up for the race.
Change the shifting cables and housing, clean the drive train, and took apart the headseat and lubed it up.
I had one of the guys watching me who knew about the race next weekend and he kept bugging me to change the chain out.
I tried explaining to him, I change the chain I gotta change the cassette.
So far the drive trains been working fine so I'm not touching the chain, and don't wanna spend the money on a new cassette before the old one is wore out.
I had to order some brake pads, they should be in Wednesday and I'm not too worried about changing brake pads right before the race, but I gotta remember to change them, they are worn down.

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